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2016 رمادي لكزس RX350 F سبورت

2016 رمادي لكزس RX350 F سبورت

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التاريخ : 8 أغسطس، 2017
موقع : 23e client ave

Sell ​​car ?model

Car Information:

Composite: Lexus RX350 F Sport

Model: 2016

Distance traveled: 7,828

Exterior Color: Gray / Silver

Interior Color: Beige

Engine: 6 cylinders

Transmission: Automatic

Trim: 350

Condition: Used

Fuel: gasoline

Wheels: 20 “

MBG: AFG: 15 City: Hoy: 18

Gulf / Ward: Gulf Specifications

Specifications: Automatic, Sunroof, Bluetooth, Cruise Control.

Start the engine remotely

Barking Shinsors

360 degree viewing cameras

Navigation system

Heating seats

Cooling seats

5 years warranty

Unlimited KMZ warranty for the rest of five years.

Nano ceramic coating protection

It is no accident not to redraw. Distinctive coloring

Close offers are welcome from real buyers.

Feel free to contact even if it is from your budget, we can try something based on your budget for more photos and more details.

Reason for sale, have another car.

Wanted: $ 19,000US $: … Price is negotiable

What is the application: +6281380381616


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2016 رمادي لكزس RX350 F سبورت